A cat for every month in my home made cat calendar - Happy New Year for everyone

If you don't have your own cat, you can go to the cat coffee shop or to The Cat's Republic. They are great places.

I dont't have my own cat, but as a kid I had them always, sometimes many. I learn to know how crazy, clever, stubborn, independent, wild, wise and sweet they are.

When I nowadays want to meet a cat I go to the a coffee shop. In Finland we have two very nice cat coffee shops, one in Helsinki and one in Tampere.

Sometimes I travel to Tallinn where there is a cat coffee shop or to Saint Petersburg where you'll find a  whole Cat's Republic.

I take my camera with me and ask kindly the cats sit down and be my models when I take photos. But what they do: they turn  their backs or go to sleep under a chair or into a basket.

I have to be patient and wait for a long time to get a picture where the cat has his eyes open. If I'm very lucky I'll get a smile from a cat. Then I'm very happy.

To  share my joy with all cat lovers I made a calendar with a cat for each month of the year.  

Happy new Year! 
Photos: Sirpa Pääkkönen 












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