Sämpy is the most famous cat in Finland - here he gives an interview

Sämpy in his home forest. Photos: Sämpy's secretary

I tell you, the most famous cat in Finland is Sämpy, or at least I believe so. He is a well known public figure in Facebook.
I became a fan of Sämpy relatively late, only when already a lot more than ten thousand admirers had raised thumbs to Sämpy on his Facebook page. Finally, I realized myself to show my admiration with my thumb to  Sämpy on Facebook. So  I am able to follow the Sämpy’s  agile leap, furry tail and forest tours.

I decided to approach Sämpy and asked him an interview. I wanted to understand a little bit more about the cat, which has charmed me, and more than 15 000 other successors. In Finland that is a big number of admirers, because Finland is small country in the Northern part of Europa, 5,4 million inhabitants we have.
I send questions to Sämpy and he has written the answers with his small paws. I haven’t changed anything of his replies, only translated. He doesn't speak English, yet. This is how he replies.

What breed of cat you are and where do you live?
"I’m a land race cat and I live in the north of Oulu at the village of Kalime, which still in the countryside, here we have space for a cat to run and move around."

Tell about your favorite activities.
"My favorite hobby is hunting. I hunt mice and moles. I’d like to catch also birds, but they are too raid and fast. I also like attending with my secretary of forest trips and play with my cat friend Elemer. "

What is your favorite food?
"I eat every day  dry food and wet food, meat and salmon every now and then. Best of all is butter, that’s my biggest delicacy. Ssometimes I get a  small dollop of butter. Aaaaah.  And yes, I hear when the butter box will be opened.”

Do you have friends?
"My cat mates are two sisters, Nelli and Elmer. I get along easily with Elmer, but Nelli is such a speeder and boss that sometimes our skis will be crossed.”

Tell us a little about your secretary, who describes you and tells on Facebook about you.
"The secretary is my servant  and maid. All the time she is pointing me with her camera.  In the morning she usually will fade somewhere, of course she makes a breakfast for us cats before she leaves. Such a standard person she is. Let’s talk about me instead of her.”

 Where and how do you sleep?
"I like to sleep outside, even in the middle of grasses if the weather is good. Inside I use to lay on sofa and  sometimes on top of the refrigerator, might be I sleep also in sauna, whenever it’s not too hot.”

How do you spend your summer?
"In the summer I’ll be the boss here nearby. I’ll give orders to the other cats and mice of the neighborhood.”

What kind of book you have coming in the autumn?

"In September they publish a book, where I answer to these and many other questions. It’s a photo book, but I will also tell my stories. The book describes me a year round, all seasons.”


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