Art flies in the sky - Iljas Aidarov and Greg Mort send their works to the international space station

Watercolor by Ilias Aidarov was sent to the space. Photos: Ilias Aidarov

When you look at the sky, you usually see stars, clouds, the sun and the moon. At first place you probably do not think that somewhere there in the space could float an art exhibition.
But that has happened a few times.

An American artist Greg Mort send his watercolor art piece of apples to the International Space Station ISS where was arranged an art exhibition. Astronaut Richard Garriott de Cayeux took works from six artists’ works with the ISS Russian Soyuz TMA 13 aboard. On the station there was hung weightless art exhibition, where the apple-watercolor was involved.

Apples symbolize man's journey to conquer space. Now the watercolor by Greg Mort is on display at the Art exhibition called  Stearry Heavens of Art at Gösta pavilion in Mänttä Finland.

Greg Mort is not the only one to have his art in space.
Ilias Aidarov

My friend, Russian painter Ilias Aidarov sent his paintings to the space three times at the beginning of 2000th. Cosmonaut Sergei Zaletin asked to get Aidarov’s pieces of art to ISS.
Ilias  Aidarov owned his space exhibits to his native city Kazan that by that time celebrated its one thousand years of age. Today the artist lives in Moscow.

Aidarov’s paintings flew several times around the earth in the spacecraft, and were exhibited at international ISS space station. The longest time the works stayed in the ISS was more than half a year in 2002-2004.

Aidarov’s works with stamps illustrate  churches and buildings in Moscow, Kazan and Saint Petersburg.

When the works returned to the ground, Aidarov donated them to his native city Kazan.
Ilias Aidarov

Ilias Aidarov

Ilias Aidarov

Ilias Aidarov

Ilias Aidarov

Ilias Aidarov

Apples by greg Mort. Photo: Sirpa Pääkkönen


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